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Are you an event organizer? Planning to host an event? But you have some confusions or doubts regarding the event promotion during this Corona pandemic. Don’t worry! Here We, Indiaeve will assist and help you for all your event needs. IndiaEve is one of the top events listing portal in India where you can list and promote all events happening across your town like conference events, cultural events, festivals, marathons, business summits, expos, fairs, arts events, family events etc. Through this event ticketing system you can easily sell event tickets online and also will get maximum reach for your events among your niche audience. Don’t think too much, register and start to sell all your events with IndiaEve. We know you are excited to know more. You can discover us at If you have any further queries, you can reach us at

Gold Loan

Kosamattam Finance has a Freedom Online Gold Loan (FOGL) service for processing gold loan online. The only time you need to be in the gold loan financing institute will be that once when you take your gold to them for their consideration and approval. Based on the loan to value ratio, the customer will be eligible for certain specific amount that will be credited to their bank account registered with them. Additionally, repayment of loans is also possible through the online medium. This online method of gold loan services is much preferred these days, the very easiness with which the customers can handle things being the reason for it!